A Must Win for the Celtics

The Celtics find themselves down 0-2 to the Miami Heat in Eastern Conference Finals. However, this wasn’t the expectation of going into this series. The Celtics are the higher seed and, on paper, seem to have the better talent. The Celtics seem flustered after losing game 2 of the series, with reports indicating the team had a heated exchanged after the loss.

The Celtics are hurting themselves in this series. They have blown two very comfortable leads causing them to struggle in the final minutes of each game. In-game 1, they had a 14-point lead only to lose in overtime eventually. In-game 2, the team had a 17-point lead going into the second half, but Miami turned it up by going on a big run to take control of the game, then ultimately winning the game by 5.

However, this series isn’t over. I believe in the Celtics, and maybe this is what they needed. Miami switched into a zone defense mid-game, and the Celtics just seemed not to have an answer for it. Coach Brad Stevens will make adjustments.  I feel one of those adjustments should be putting someone in the middle of that zone, preferably someone who can shoot consistently from mid-range. I believe if the Celtics do that, that will open up the floor a lot more, but then it’s the player’s job to knock down the open shot.

The Celtics are down, but they’re not out. One game at a time and it starts tonight with stealing game three, making this a series.

-Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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