A Move the Sox Should Make…But Won’t

Don’t worry this won’t be another article about JD Martinez because SOMEONE wants to be difficult and just not sign yet even though we all know he wants to. Anyway, the other question I have asked myself this off-season is why don’t they try to bring back Eduardo Nunez?

I honestly do not see why they would not at least show some interest especially with Pedroia destined to start the year on the disabled list. Nunez played 38 games for the Red Sox in 2017 and hit .321 in the process with an .892 OPS. That seems like a pretty suitable for Pedroia to me. If Nunez is able to continue this stat line into 2018 and is able to fully recover from the knee injury he suffered at the end of last year, then that will allow the Red Sox to let Pedroia to fully recover and not rush him back and give him the rest he will need to survive the long season and hopefully into the postseason.

Nunez also has the ability to play outfield so that also gives you the flexibility to put him out there if need be. On top of that, if we don’t end up with JD Martinez it allows us to save a little money as a bridge year for next offseason so we can go after Bryce Harper or Manny Machado with a full head of steam. Which I would much rather.

In order to compete with the power the Yankees have heading into 2018, I would love the Red Sox to bring in Harper. Hate the guy but love his play. He plays with an edge and seems to leave everything he has on the field and I think that is exactly what makes you thrive in Boston. He is just a HUGE ass! Maybe that is exactly what we need though? Maybe they need that little fire and someone to give them a kick in the ass during the middle of the summer? I know Sale has the attitude to win here and I don’t think him an Harper’s games are far off in that regard. Plus, adding Harper and letting JBJ walk or get traded gives you the two best right fielders in baseball with Mookie and Harper (obviously one will have to change positions).

As for Machado? That ship has sailed thanks to last years beef he had with the Red Sox. Would love to have him here if he would be cool with moving back to short that way we could trade Xander because I am getting sick of him and don’t think he will ever play up to his full potential.

So back to my main point, hit Nunez with a nice 2-3 year deal and just let him do what he did previously during his short stint, just play everywhere on the field and just keep swinging a hot bat. I think that is definitely good enough to take us close to winning the division, if not, definitely the Wild Card (assuming we don’t add Martinez).

Also the Brewers just quietly became one of the best teams in baseball last night by trading for Christian Yelich and signing Lorenzo Cain all within a span of about 2 hours. Maybe Dombrowski should take some notes on how to get deals done.

Written By: Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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