A Boston University Student Broke The World Record For The Mile While Juggling And I’m Rattled Someone Can Do This

A BU student faced a world record on Monday, put it in a Full-Nelson and took it for himself.

Zach Prescott, who I know (humble brag), jogged a mile while juggling three balls and beat the previous world record of 4:43.80 with his own time of 4:43.2.

I got a call from his mother today and she asked me if I was going to write about the new world record holder or something along those lines. Big fan of his mother first and foremost. I watch their house sometimes. But clearly, I was confused. “What are you talking about, girl” is essentially what I said. But obviously much more politely.

She tells me her son broke the world record for the mile while juggling. I’m shocked. Not because Zach broke the record, but, well actually I guess because Zach broke the record. I write how I think so there you go. That was that sentence verbatim as I thought it.

Zach dropped the ball on his first attempt where he literally… wait for it… dropped the balls over 1,000 meters in (good one, Nick).

On his second attempt, Zach beat the record and in all seriousness, I am incredibly impressed. I know the kid can run but running and juggling while breaking a world record is mind-boggling.

I run every morning. Not to brag but I need to keep this below average body looking below average. And I’m always thinking about how something hurts. Meanwhile we have studs like Zach breaking world records. I can’t run a sub 7-minute mile and he can do it while throwing three balls in the air? I think I just talked myself into hating myself.

This is a huge accomplishment. Congrats to Zach because I couldn’t even fathom being able to complete a lap while juggling.

Also, the sneaky most impressive part of this whole situation is that he was able to run over 1,000 meters, start over and still beat the record.

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-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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