3 keys for a desperate wildcard postseason spot for the Yankees

Hit me with your best shot:

3: The New York Yankees need to get timely hits with runners in scoring position! Time and time again this team has not got the timely hits with runners in scoring position! The 2021 Yankees team has been the most streaky team I remember in quite some time! With 10 games left in the season, it’s now or never for them to hit their hot streak all the way into the playoffs! It’s put up or shut up time. It is going to be a long offseason if the Yankees don’t make the wildcard game!!


2- Pitching and learning to not blow a lead after 7 innings! Every year I feel myself saying the same thing and here I am again talking about it! The pitching, other then Cole and Monty, has not been consistent enough and we need it to change with 10 games left! The bullpen continues to be an issue; they are eating lots of innings and Green and Chapman are issue in the back end of the bullpen! How may games have they blown this year after 7? TOO MANY TO COUNT! If they won half those blown games we be in a better spot for the playoffs!

Under Pressure :

1: Last it has come down to stars players getting the job done! Everything is right in front of them! It’s time for the Yankees to step up and make the final push for the wildcard game! Pitching, hitting, fielding, and base running all need to step up! I know it sounds stupid and simple but that’s the truth! With everything right in front of us they need to be the Yankees we know they can be! Judge, Stanton, Gallo, Sanchez, Cole, Monty, Chapman, and Green all need to step up!

Final Thoughts

Keep an eye out for the Boston series, Toronto, and the Rays to end the season! These three series will show us where the Yankees will be going! The MLB and fans across the world know and want New York Yankees vs Red Sox for the wild card game! Will It happen time will tell. Shut up or put up time! Let’s go be special boys!!

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~Chris Addorisio (@Addorisio19 on Twitter). 

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