2022 NFL Draft: QB Prospects Best Fits

The 2022 NFL Draft is on Thursday April 28th. It is time to start looking ahead towards the NFL Draft. Today I will be discussing the quarterback prospects from this year’s NFL Draft. I will go over their strengths, their weaknesses and what their best landing spot is for their NFL career. Six quarterbacks will be talked about today and with that being said here is my best fits for some of the 2022 quarterback prospects.

Carson Strong

Carson Strong is a 6″4 quarterback out of the University of Nevada. Strong has a very strong arm and is very aggressive when it comes to making throws down the field. He will always give his receivers a chance to make a play on the football and he has a fantastic presence in the pocket. His weaknesses however is that he is really immobile and he even struggles moving inside of the pocket from time to time. One big thing that has affected Strong’s draft stock is definitely this knee injury that he has. With him being immobile there is a chance that knee could get stiff from time to time and could cause some serious problems for Strong in his NFL career.

Strong has two teams that he would be a good fit on and those two teams are Carolina and Denver. Both teams need a strong armed quarterback that can help take their receivers to the next level. Carson Strong has some Jared Goff types of vibes to him with his style of play. Look for Strong to be selected on day two maybe day three in the NFL Draft this year.


Desmond Ridder

Desmond Ridder is a 6″4 quarterback out of the university of Cincinnati. Ridder has the potential to be a first round selection this year, but it does look like he will trend towards being selected on day two. He has great size and speed for a quarterback, while having a good skill set when it comes to being inside of the pocket. Ridder’s arm strength is a little bit better than what most teams would require from their starting quarterbacks in the league today. One thing that I think hurts his stock is that he was playing on a good team against bad competition. He looked real good against the bad competition, but struggled against the good competition. He needs to learn how to drift away laterally from defenders instead of going straight back into the pocket when pressure is being applied.

When I think of how good Desmond Ridder can be in the NFL I think of two teams that he should play for. Those two teams are Pittsburgh and New Orleans. Both teams need a starting quarterback and Ridder would be an improvement for both teams. Ridder’s style is similar to Derek Carr’s. Good arm, good decision making and can help your team by making the plays when you need it the most. He looks like a taller version of Derek Carr.


Sam Howell

Sam Howell is a 6″1 quarterback out of the university of North Carolina. If this was two years ago, Howell would be in consideration of being the first quarterback taken off of the board. His stock took a big hit in his junior season. However, Howell’s high end football IQ alone has him still being in consideration for being taken in the first round. Howell has a strong arm and the play is never over until the whistle blows for him. He can be a bit inconsistent form time to time which causes him to struggle to read the defenses. Sam will have to improve on reading the defenses throughout the game, because if he can do that then he has the potential to be the best quarterback in this draft class.

When I think of success in the NFL for Howell, I have three teams that come to mind. Tennessee, Atlanta, and Tampa Bay. All three teams have talented offenses, but they need a quarterback to help take them to the next level. Howell reminds me a lot of Baker Mayfield. I think the sky is the limit for this kid, but he needs to be in the right situation in order to succeed. If he goes to any of those three teams, I think Howell will become one of the best quarterbacks to come out of UNC.


Malik Willis 

Malik Willis is a 6″1 quarterback out of Liberty university. Willis is flying up the draft board after his impressive showing in the Senior Bowl. Many believe he could be the first quarterback taken off of the board this year in the NFL Draft. An impressive arm strength on Willis has him in high regards for teams that need quarterbacks in this year’s NFL Draft. His arm has the potential to be one of the top ten arms in the league after he gets drafted. Willis has great elusiveness in the pocket and is very effective throwing the football on the run.

This prospect has the most potential I believe out of any quarterback in this draft class. Only thing Willis could improve on is his footwork and focusing on the coverage. If he can do that then he really should be the best quarterback out of this draft class. Willis could fit with the majority of teams, however the one team that I think is the absolute perfect fit for him is the Washington Commanders. He very much so reminds me of a smaller version of Josh Allen.


Matt Corral

Matt Corral is a 6″1 quarterback out of Ole Miss. Corral really bursted onto the scene this year and has solidified himself as a first round draft pick this season. Let’s go over Corral’s strengths that he brings to the table. Good arm strength, quick release, “always the next play”. What I mean by “always the next play” is he forgets the bad play and always moves forward. He is always focusing on the next play and I admire that about Corral. Corral is also extremely tough and can use his legs to get out of almost any situation.

With the RPO style that Corral ran in college, it didn’t allow him to go beyond the first read from time to time. As a starting quarterback in the NFL learning to trust your reads whether its the first, second, third etc. is critical to success. Two teams come to mind when I think of Matt Corral’s perfect fit. The New Orleans Saints and the Detroit Lions. Corral is basically Jalen Hurts with a stronger arm. Both teams could use his skill set effectively and help make him a great starter in the NFL.


Kenny Pickett

Kenny Pickett is 6″3 and weighs 220 pounds. This is the most highly talked about quarterback in this year’s draft class at the moment. Pickett has a high football IQ and has solid arm strength. Watching his tape I see how well he goes through his progressions. The only bad thing I have to say about Kenny Pickett is that he will be a 24 year old rookie. Which means he might not have as high as a ceiling as a quarterback like Malik Willis. However, I do think Pickett is the real deal. He is a first round selection this season and has earned that right.

Where does Pickett go? There are three teams that will be looking to use their first one pick on them. Those three teams are Carolina (6th overall), Denver (9th overall) and Pittsburgh (20th overall). Best case scenario for Pickett would be that the Steelers trade up for him. However, I don’t see the Steelers moving up so I think he ends up as a Carolina Panther. Pickett looks like a more athletic version of Kirk Cousins which would be a huge upgrade for Carolina or any team that drafts him.


-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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