2021 Offseason QB Carousel

There is no telling how many QBs may move this offseason. There are rumors swirling around at least 10-12 different starting quarterbacks. The first pin dropped about a week ago with the Lions and Rams swapping QBs and draft picks. I don’t think anybody saw that coming, so who knows where these other QBs might end up on the move to. Here are some bold prediction as to where these hats may fall in the coming weeks.

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Carson Wentz – Indianapolis Colts: There was a rumor that the Colts were not interested in Wentz, however I don’t see that to be the case. Frank Reich was able to get the most out of Jacoby Brissett last year, and a washed up Phillip Rivers this year. When he was the OC of Philadelphia, Wentz had his best season before suffering a torn ACL. Wentz has the potential to still be a great QB, and with the offensive line in Indy he would be so much more protected than in Philly. Wentz will be the perfect QB to keep the Colts in the playoffs.

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Deshaun Watson – Miami Dolphins: It just makes sense that everything comes full circle here. The Texans get their draft picks back, and the Dolphins get a QB to help them compete. The Dolphins have the assets, and weapons around him to become a legit team if this trade is made. Watson, among others believes the Texans organization has some racist background as well, and the Dolphins would be the perfect fit for him. Their owner Stephen Ross is a huge advocate against that type of behavior, and B-Flo is a coach he would get along great with.

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Dak Prescott – Dallas Cowboys: There is no way Jerry will let Dak out of his grasp just yet. He’s going to sign him to another franchise tag, and torture him without a long term deal for as long as he can. After the devastating injury he faced last year, he will most likely need to take it as a sure thing for next season to prove himself again.

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Matt Ryan – San Francisco 49ers: The Falcons said they don’t want to move Ryan, but this 49ers front office has a way of making moves when they want to. He is Shanahan’s boy from Atlanta, and if he really wants him, John Lynch has made things happen for him in the past. He would fit so perfect with the explosive receivers, and the multiple talented RBs out of the backfield just like Freeman and Coleman. Atlanta needs to restart with a rookie, and its a great draft to do it.

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Jimmy Garoppolo – New England Patriots: This would be a perfect scenario all around. Jimmy has had nothing but bad luck in San Fran, and he doesn’t seem to be the ideal fit in Shanahan’s offense either. If he makes the move for Ryan, they’ll have to move Jimmy. Bill would absolutely love to get him back and prove he was right for drafting him to be Brady’s successor. He knows the system, he’s familiar with McDaniels, and he might even convince Jules to stick around for another year.

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Sam Darnold – Pittsburgh Steelers: The Jets should really draft a QB and start fresh this season. The Steelers need a future after Ben goes, and it would probably do Darnold some good to sit behind a veteran for a season. He has the potential to be a great QB, but he’s been in a terrible system for his whole career. Darnold needs a new start, and Pittsburgh is a great spot for it.

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Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers: Rodgers ego isn’t fooling anybody, he won’t leave Wisconsin. Nobody leaves a season after winning the MVP,  and there aren’t many coaches that are going to want to deal with his giant head. He’ll stay with his cheeseheads another year.

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Russell Wilson –  Seattle Seahawks: Russ seems like hes trying to float out the idea that he’s available for trade, and it doesn’t seem like the Seahawks are on the same page. There is no way they’re going to be willing to trade their franchise QB just like that. Aside from the offensive line over the last couple years, there haven’t been many problems there.

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Mitch Trubisky – Chicago Bears: Mitch proved he’s got something still to him at the end of last season. The Bears are the type of team that will live and die by their guy, especially one that was drafted before Patrick Mahomes. They can’t admit defeat just yet, and the guy had a stellar end to his season and helped his team make the playoffs.

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Ryan Fitzpatrick – Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons will need a veteran to go with their new rookie QB. They could also use a guy that goes by Fitzmagic, just for a little luck after all of the leads they’ve blown.

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-Jake Kobierski (@TheRealKobe83)

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