2019-2020 Top 100 NBA Players: Honorable Mentions

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110. Fred VanVleet (Toronto) PG/SG: From undrafted rookie to NBA Finals hero, Fred VanVleet has made a name for himself. With Kyle Lowry in the final year of his deal, the Raptors could be grooming VanVleet to become the team’s future point guard. (+1)

109. Bam Adebayo (Miami) C/PF: Over the course of last season, Adebayo emerged as Miami’s starting center over Hassan Whiteside. At 22 years old, Bam has shown the potential to become a DeAndre Jordan type player. (+2)

108. Brook Lopez (Milwaukee) C: In just 1 season, Brook Lopez revamped his entire game. Lopez went a traditional back to the basket big to a dead eye 3 point shooter. Lopez is still a poor rebounder which is something no 7 footer should struggle with. (+3)

107. Ricky Rubio (Phoenix) PG: Finally, Phoenix got their point guard and turned out to be Ricky Rubio. While Rubio isn’t the passer he used to be, he’s better than anyone Phoenix had last year. (-24)

106. Terry Rozier (Charlotte) PG/SG: After his breakout postseason 2 years ago, Rozier struggled in a reduced bench role a year ago. Now with the Hornets, he’ll his chance to be an everyday starting point guard. But he’ll do it on a team that may struggle to get 20 wins. (+5)

105. JJ Reddick (New Orleans) SG: Arguably the best shooter in basketball, JJ Reddick continues to age like a fine wine. Not only will be a great fit next to Zion Williamson, he’ll be the perfect veteran leader For those young Pelicans. (-13)

104. Dario Saric (Phoenix) PF: Once a key building block for young 76ers, Dario Saric has now been traded twice in a year. Considering he’s only 25, Saric still has upside and should be a good fit next to DeAndre Ayton. (-34)

103. Jeff Teague (Minnesota) PG/SG: Losing playing time to Derrick Rose last year, Jeff Teague is going to have to bounce back. He’s in a contract year as he’ll hope to cash in one more time. (-37)

102. Robert Covington (Minnesota) SF/PF: Robert Covington has really emerged as an excellent “3 and D” player over the past few years. Now in Minnesota, he may be one top trade targets for a contending team at the February trade deadline. (+9)

101. Goran Dragic (Miami) PG/SG: Similar to Teague, Dragic is an aging point guard with an expiring contract. He’ll be looking for one last payday as the Heat try to move up in the East standings. (-55)

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