2019-2020 Top 100 NBA Players: 60-51

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(Last Year’s Rating Difference)

60. Eric Bledsoe (Milwaukee) PG: After signing a new deal, Eric Bledsoe had a very solid year for the Bucks. But at age 29, there’s a very low chance Bledsoe is going to get much better than he is right now. He’ll have to reach another level if the Bucks are going to win the championship this year. (-5)

59. Brandon Ingram (New Orleans) SF: Getting traded from the Lakers is the best thing that could have happened to Brandon Ingram. Away from LeBron, Brandon Ingram will have so much room to grow with a Pelicans team on the rise. He also appears to be a great fit next to Zion. (+16)

58. Domantas Sabonis (Indiana) C/PF: With Thaddeus Young gone, Sabonis will finally get to start on a regular basis for the Indiana Pacers. Sabonis averaged 14 points and 9 rebounds in just 25 minutes a game, so I can only imagine what he can do in 30 plus minutes a game. (+44)

57. Al Horford (Philadelphia) PF/C: After being the big brother in Boston for the past 3 years, Al Horford will take on the same role now with Philly. His maturity and calm demeanor could be exactly what Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons need. But at age 33, how much more does Horford have left before he falls off? (-12)

56. Buddy Hield (Sacramento) SG: Buddy Hield may the prime example of being a slow learner. He didn’t breakout until his senior year of college and has now broke threw at age 26 in the NBA. He averaged over 20 points a game for the 1st time and shot 43% from 3. He’s a main reason why the Kings could sneak into the playoffs this year. (+42)

55. Lou Williams (LA Clippers) SG/PG: Lou Williams always put up good stats, but never on a winning team. That changed last year as the Clippers surprised everyone and made the playoffs. Lou Williams once again won 6th Man of the Year and became the face of the Clippers. Now with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in the fold, Williams could be a big factor to the Clippers winning their 1st ever championship (+26)

54. Chris Paul (Oklahoma City) PG: Its safe to say Chris Paul has had an eventful couple of months. He choked against the Warriors in the playoffs and got traded to the rebuilding Thunder for Russell Westbrook. At 34, Chris Paul is still and very good player and can help a contender. But considering he’s going to make $38 million dollars this year, he’s going to have to play his ass off to get to a contender (probably the Heat). (-41)

53. Julius Randle (New York) PF/C: Covered in all of the Anthony Davis drama last year, Julius Randle really broke out for the Pelicans last year. He averaged a career high 21.4 points and only played 30 minutes a night. Now with the Knicks, he is their clear best player and may even be a competitor for the All-Star in the East. Plus he’s only going to get better since he’s still just 24. (+8)

52. Draymond Green (Golden State) PF/C: Draymond Green has to be the most unique player in all of the NBA. While his defense has remained elite, he really struggled to score last season. With a new extension and Klay out most of the year, Green should put up better numbers on offense. (-18)

51. Clint Capela (Houston) C: While Clint Capela made a big jump in the regular season, he was neutralized during the postseason. What Capela could really use to is a more consistent player would be a nice 15 footer and a corner 3. That could make him an All-Star. (-4)

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