The Antonio Brown Saga Contiues

I’m almost at a loss of words at this point. First, it was the injuries to his feet from the cryogenic chamber. Then it was the multiple (failed) grievances against the NFL so that he could wear an outdated helmet that was deemed unsafe by the league. Yesterday, Brown took social media to voice his discontent with Raiders GM Mike Mayock fining him for missed team activities.



When Mayock and Brown met face to face at the team’s facilities to talk about the fines, things got heated.

The New Dispute



Instead of just fining Brown for the confrontation, Mayock suspended Brown from the team. Rumblings have been that the Raiders are suspending Brown “with the idea of trying to void the $30.125 million of guaranteed money in his contract”.

During Thursday’s NFL Live on ESPN, Adam Schefter told audiences ” I think it’s possible Antonio Brown never plays a game for the Oakland Raiders”.

GM Mike Mayock kept his “press conference” short and sweet saying that “Antonio Brown is not in the building today. He’s not going to be practicing. I don’t have any more information. When we do, I’ll get it to you. That’s it for today.”

Imagine being a Raiders fan having spent a hundred dollars on an AB jersey only to see him crash and burn without ever giving the team anything. Ouch.

Also, in shocking news, it was apparently linebacker Vontaze Burfict, who is no stranger to drama himself, who was amongst the players who broke up the altercation between AB and Mayock.

-Dillon Leary 





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