Zion Williamson Will Play for the Knicks

Knicks fans rejoice! The the Knicks are in the middle of a six game win streak and they beat the two golden boys of the NBA in back to back games. The Knicks beat Doncic and the Mavericks on Saturday. They then turned right around and beat Zion Williamson and the Pelicans on Sunday. However, the real headline from Sunday’s game came after the buzzer sounded. When asked about what it was like to play in MSG, Zion smiled like a kid on Christmas morning. Take a look below:

Knicks Fans Rejoice

Zion Williamson made some interesting comments after his game against the Knicks

Zion Williamson to the Knicks. Lock it in. Zion hits free agency in a couple more seasons and the Knicks should be major players for the current Pelican. Knicks fan’s dreams of Zion suiting up for the team will come true. We had all of our hearts broken on lottery night when the Knicks card popped up at number 3. They got a decent consolation prize in RJ Barrett. Barrett and Zion Williamson will always be linked from their time at Duke together being drafted in the top 3 together. However, one day, the two former college teammates will both suit up for the Knicks and be teammates in the NBA.

Knicks Fans Hold Your Horses

We have been down this road before. It was a lock that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving wanted to come play here. They did want to play in New York. However, they chose Brooklyn instead. In addition, Lebron wanted to come here in the summer of 2010. However, the Knicks messed up their first meeting so bad, Lebron did not take a second. But, Zion almost seems different. We know he wanted the Knicks to wind up with the first pick. We know he wanted to come to the Knicks right out of the draft. However, we know how this story ends. Knicks fans get their hopes up and then the star player chooses to go somewhere else. But maybe Zion will be different.

He Won’t Be the Savior

One thing the deterred KD from coming is that he did not want to be the savior of the Knicks. Whatever, he took the easy way out again. However, with Julius Randle and RJ Barrett taking the charge, the Knicks have already been saved. Whoever the next star player is to join the Knicks will be joining an established team. They will not have the burden of having to rescue the Knicks. They will be teaming up with RJ Barrett, Immanuel Quickley, Julius Randle, and a hopefully improved Obi Toppin. The pressure of having to bring the Knicks back from the dead will be gone.

Final Thoughts

Will Zion Williamson play for the Knicks? Maybe. Does his comments bring speculation and hope to a rejuvenated Knicks fan base? Absolutely. The Knicks can keep building over the next few years and Zion can be the final piece to a championship squad. He wanted to be drafted by the Knicks can clearly adores playing in New York. Only time will tell, but Zion to the Knicks is something we can hope for.

-Pete Chatterton (@Pchat12)

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