Zion Williamson Threw A Football At Least 200 Yards

There are some guys who are just absolute menaces on the court. Absolute freaks. And Zion Williamson is one of them. Since this kid was in high school, we’ve watched highlight tapes of him brutally murdering rims. And we’ve seen him throw a football back in the day, but Zion hurling this ball on the beach looks bananas.

Holy. Hell.

The fact that Zion and his buddies think it’s okay for him to be tossing footballs in public is asinine. Not because I don’t think he’s accurate. Who knows about that. But because he’ll kill someone if he throws the ball a mile down the beach. This thing was a LAUNCH into the next state.

Also, the fact that he clearly played the wind is hilarious. That thing tailed so hard back to the right and he absolutely planned for that.

You know what he’ll be doing next year on the inbound if the–presumably–Knicks are down two with .5 seconds left? Quick pass to Zion, turn around toss that ball like Tom Brady in 2018, because he’s still fire in the pocket, and hit that three like he’s Steph Curry from half court.

If this kid doesn’t turn himself into a two-sport athlete, he’s straight up selfish. We need Zion to suit up in pads and get on the football field. I’m not ready for Tom Brady to retire yet, but the Patriots should look into drafting him and lining him up as the heir to the Patriots quarterback throne. If his receivers can’t get open? Tuck it and run. NOBODY’S stopping this maniac.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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