Zion Williamson Should NOT Be On The 2K21 Cover

Today, NBA 2K announced that Zion Williamson will join Damian Lillard as one of the three cover players for 2K21.

Ahhh excuse me but what the fuck? This guy doesn’t deserve to be on the cover this year at all.  I totally get the hype and the potential Zion can have in the league. But to name him as a cover athlete after playing in just 19(!) games this year is a crime.  For those of you who don’t know me, I have said it over and over again that NBA 2K is the worst game in the world. It has the worst developers in gaming and they continue to put out half-assed content year after year and don’t really get much blame.  However this year’s 2K20 was terrible and fans rightfully attacked them for putting out an unfinished game.

But this is just the cherry on top for how fucking stupid Ronnie 2K and the 2K developers are. I just wish people would see this game for what it is, a piece of shit. But they don’t and 2K is legit the only basketball game in the market so fans are forced to play this year after year, and 2K doesn’t have to improve a thing because they know it’ll be bought and played.

One of the biggest 2K players in the world, FlightReacts, went off on Ronnie and all of 2K on one of his Twitch streams talking about everything I just mentioned. If one of your biggest players is ripping apart the game he makes a living off of, then you are in trouble. And good for Flight for sticking to his guns and blasting Ronnie when he tried to reach out.

This blog really doesn’t have much to do with Zion as much as it does with 2K being terrible.  Good for Zion for achieving his dream of getting the cover, that is a great accomplishment and even though he would have gotten that cover eventually this year probably shouldn’t have been it.  But that’s not your fault, Zion.  It is Ronnie 2K and the whole 2K franchise’s fault for being stupid.

And for you, Ronnie. Hit my line. I won’t bite, I’d be more than happy to help you develop a real basketball game with actual fan input and noticeable changes. This can be a win-win situation for us.  You give the people a great basketball game and I stop writing hit pieces about you and your franchise. Just think about it, Ronnie. You can be a hero and it won’t even cost you that much to hire me.

John (Uncle_Mac4)

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