Zion Williamson Is Too Strong For Nike Sneakers

Just 33 seconds into the highly anticipated men’s Duke vs UNC game last night, Zion Williamson Shoe burst open at the seems. This caused Williamson to leave the game with a knee sprain.

Nike has come out apologizing about the shoe malfunction, but is Nike to blame? What do you think would happen when you have the most powerful basketball player making a cut like that? I mean this was bound to happen. Right when Zion plants that foot to do a spin move, I knew the sneaker would break. However, people are freaking out while Nike stock lost $1.12 billion after Zion’s injury.

And for all of the people saying that Zion should shut it down for the season… You clearly don’t know how passionate this kid is about basketball. He WANTS to prove that he is one of the best college basketball players ever. He WANTS to win an NCAA Championship. Also not playing would lower his draft stock. This was a freak accident and something like this will never happen to him again. Nike just couldn’t keep up with this freak of nature and how powerful his pivot foot is. Now, Nike realizes they have to make strong sneakers specifically for Zion.

Connor Strayer (@CouchGuyBigC)

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