Zeke Is Back…Again?

So the game of tug-of-war between Ezekiel Elliot and the U.S. court of appeal continues for another week.  Elliot’s suspension of six games was upheld held last week.  However, he was still granted an administrative stay for the upcoming game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

It seems like this will be a never ending battle between these two forces, as the appeal continues through this.  A panel of federal judges will hear Elliot’s injunction on Monday.  This will be to try to overrule Judge Katherine Polk Failla’s ruling of upholding his six game suspension.  As most of us know, this suspension is because of a domestic abuse allegation from his ex-girlfriend.  Whether or not those allegations has yet to be proven.  That may be why no actual suspension has happened yet.  However, week to week it seems like Elliot is finding every little loophole to play each week.

It seems like domestic violence is something this league likes to play around with.  They lowered Greg Hardy’s suspension after the horrific things he did to his girlfriend.  Now they will not stand up and ensure a suspension with Elliot.  They may play with it for some reason, but it is a horrible look for the league.  They make it look like they could care less about a rising and continually pressing issue.  However, “integrity of the game” seems to be a more important issue with them, but that’s an argument for another day.

As for Elliot, he’s a kid that could use some growing up.  He is one of the most impressive up and coming talents in the league, and he acts like a child.  He pulled that woman’s shirt down in public, and now he is accused of domestic violence? He really needs to realize what kind of spotlight he is in as an NFL star, and act like the professional he is supposed to be.

Written By: Jake Kobierski (@TheRealKobe83)

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