You Owe Chris Sale Your Allegiance

You owe Chris Sale some God damn respect.

Why am I saying this? Well because Red Sox Nation loves to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to “ideas”. There are a few floating out there. “Chris Sale is constantly injured”, “The Chris Sale contract is an albatross”, “The Red Sox made a mistake with Chris Sale.” I am sure there are more of those out there, especially on twitter where everyone is a short memory, short tempered, spoiled expert.

Why Am I Angry?

And heres why I am angry, written as a response to some of these misnomers. First, Chris Sale is one of the nastiest, hardest throwing pitchers out there. What we gave up to get him, Moncada being the only guy so far who has shown any resemblance of success, was worth it. Bringing Sale on, a guy known for his fire and anger, and was a catalyst for our World Series winning team. Go back and listen to a view interviews if you don’t believe me. Sale’s “speech” (read: Screaming) is legendary for scaring the shit out of guys like Mookie and Brock Holt. They said that after they had a fire lit in their pants to go out and give it all. Look at pictures of Sale coming out of the bullpen to embarrass the final 3 hitters from the Dodgers in the world series to win it for us if you don’t believe me. This guy is a certified killer, and I guarantee that rubbed off on the whole rotation.

The Contract

As for the contract, lets do a thought experiment. Use some logic here. challenge your brain. And I will start by providing one question. Do you ever want to sign/ trade for players again? Because what would it look like, to all potential Red Sox, if Sale, who has probably been injured for a while, comes to Boston, Gives 1000%, leads your team to a World Series, is now more injured, then you let him walk after his contract is up? NOW, what does it look like if Sale comes here, does all that, and you reward him with an extension similar to the contracts you gave Eovaldi and Pearce? It looks like you win at all costs. Also, you support the players who lead you there. and thats pretty damn attractive to players, coaches and investors.

Simply, have some respect. We owe Chris Sale that. Close your mouth before you consider what he has done for the franchise. And for once, be grateful of what he’s accomplishing, and what this franchise continues to try to accomplish.

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-Dave Little (@DLittleMLB)


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