You Have Permission To Be FURIOUS


Are you kidding me?! We have just been letting grown ass adults lie to children all this time with no consequences?? This is preposterous!  Every single person reading this has had a coach yell at them for putting their hands on their knees. Well guess what!  Those childhood coaches you had that you think helped shape your lives were lying scumbags. I am sick to my stomach! And it is not because my hands are on my knees!

This is making me rethink everything an adult told me when I was a kid.  Will eating my vegetables really make me grow up to be big and strong? Did drinking milk really give me strong bones?  Is Santa real? Or was all of this just bullshit?!  

At this point the only physical exertion I partake in that leaves me winded is climbing more than 4 stairs but that is not the point. Tomorrow I may run for the first time in 4 years just so I can put my hands on my knees earn I get tired.  My own little middle finger to all those liars who metaphorically spit in my face for years. I hereby declare May 29th of the year of our Lord 2020 to be the first day we exercise in months. Together we can make the wrongs of a past generation right. Or not because tomorrow I will be over it and then sit on the couch all day.

-Jon Sensi (@jon_sensi)


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