Yellow Card Podcast Episode 18

The crew is back with the very first episode of 2021! The arrival of 2021 means that there is a whole new year of transfers, goals and upsets ahead of us. As a result, Diego, Chris and Andrew had plenty to dissect on today’s episode.


The team kicked things off by getting into the EPL title race. The table is incredibly crowded this year. At the end of 2020, just six point separated the leaders Liverpool from Southampton in ninth.

The crew gave their thoughts on which club is in the driver’s seat. Additionally, they discussed which clubs are hitting their stride, and who needs a shakeup to get things back on track.

Next, the team discussed the signing of manager Mauricio Pochettino by PSG.

The boys agreed that that Poch overachieved at Totttenham. As a result, they are excited to see whether he is the man to get the best out of an extremely talented PSG squad.

Lastly, Chris, Andrew and Diego turned their attention to the January transfer window. Andrew kicked things off by giving a rundown of players who could fit in the Everton squad. He identified the need for a wide midfielder and touched upon the Sami Khedira rumors. Chris then introduced a segment, aptly dubbed “Stay or Go,” in which the crew discussed transfer possibilities for a number of big-name players. You won’t want to miss our thoughts on potential new homes for Leo Messi, Erling Haaland and Gianluigi Donnarumma!

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