Yellow Card Podcast Episode 16

Episode 16 of the Yellow Card Podcast is now available, and it’s not one you are going to want to miss! With so much going on in the world of soccer, Chris, Andrew and Diego had plenty to discuss.



The guys started off by going over the winners for the US Men’s and Women’s Player of the Year. Andrew covered the winners, and gave us some insight on the winners of the award. Then the guys started to talk about the US Men’s National Team. They discussed how far they would go in Qatar 2022, and how will they look in the near future.

Up next the boys reviewed the matchup of the Round of 16 for the Champions League. The guys then discussed the teams that remain in the Champions League. La Liga teams and Serie A teams were the main point of discussion in this part of the episode.

The hosts then went over the FIFA Awards for the 2020 campaign, and gave their thoughts on that. They finished the episode with a final thought from the week of soccer.


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