WWE’s mishandling of Liv Morgan’s injury is a problem

This past Monday night, Brie Bella continued her streak of screwing up live on camera. This was easily the worst instance yet, as she didn’t just hurt herself. In her imitation of her husband’s “YES” kicks, she injured her colleague: Liv Morgan.

As seen above, Brie kicked her square in the face, and as Liv was falling forward, she took another kick to the head.

It’s hard saying I blame Brie Bella, as accidents happen. I’ve seen Seth Rollins knee John Cena in the nose so hard he clearly broke it, and he launched Finn Balor with a buckle bomb to the barricade and it put him out for about a year. Some of my favorites have had unfortunate occurrences as well, but this is becoming an issue almost every week. She fucked up not one, but 2 suicide dives in the same night at the beginning of the month. She gave far too stiff a knee to Zelina Vega after her husband and Andrade Cian Almas finished their match. Despite how terrible I think she is, Brie doesn’t have any record (that I can recall) of injuring other wrestlers.

The real problem here is how WWE handled it. Nobody seemed to bat an eye that she had been knocked out, cold. The ref just looked on. Nobody backstage or outside the ring said a word or lifted a finger. After the match, WWE didn’t even publish a report on Liv’s status, but first published one on Brie reacting to it. Come on guys, that’s not fucking imperative. Nobody is waiting to see how Brie feels. They eventually did publish an article confirming that Liv had indeed suffered a concussion. Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer had this to say about the incident.

I couldn’t agree with him more. Liv should have never finished that match. She should have been given medical attention immediately after they saw she couldn’t even stand. Despite Brie suffering a concussion at that moment, she still came back in to finish the match to take part in a triple suplex spot. 

Brie has never been great in the ring, but this last month has really highlighted her shortcomings. Especially when slotted next to her husband who is arguably one of the best in the world. Hopefully, this is a wakeup call and she either slows things down or wanes out of the ring a bit. For the sake of herself and her colleagues.

We all wish Liv Morgan a speedy recovery.

Image provided by WWE.com.

Braden Jackson – @Dembrae

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