WWE planting seeds for Drax vs the King of Kings

This past Tuesday, WWE celebrated the 1000th episode of their weekly blue branded show, SmackDown Live. On this special edition, we saw special appearances from legends such as Edge, Undertaker, and even Vince McMahon himself. Legendary faction Evolution reunited for the celebration, bringing SmackDown’s regularly appearing Randy Orton to join his former crew members Ric Flair, Triple H, and the sorely missed Batista.

Batista has been vocal about wanting to come back to WWE to do one last full-time run and who he wants to do it with, and that’s Triple H.

“I’ve asked [to come back]. I’ve asked. I’ve asked for what I want. I’ll tell you, I’ve talked to Hunter about it and I’ve talked to Vince about it. I said I would come back and run a whole program with Hunter. That’s the only thing I’m interested in and they’re just not interested in it.”

Batista seems to have been shafted by WWE the last few years. Not only as seen above, but he almost wasn’t asked to be at SmackDown 1000 until pretty late in the game, and go figure, it was in his hometown of Washington D.C.

Fortunately, WWE called him up and invited him onto the show, and boy did it make for a memorable moment. Batista thanked the fans for reacting to him throughout the years, whether they booed or cheered him, he didn’t care. He just wanted to entertain them.

He then went on to preach his gratitude for his brothers in Evolution. Praising Randy, saying he has more talent in his pinky than almost everyone he’s ever stepped in the ring with. Going on to make jokes with Ric Flair, making nods to some raunchy stories as he bumped fists with Flair, “keep that thing in your pants man.” They all laughed. Finishing with his brother Hunter.

“There’s nothing that this man hasn’t done in this business… Except beat me…”

The two alpha males then stared each other down, not sure whether to laugh and hug or attack the other. Eventually, Ric Flair kept the peace by bringing the two in for a hug, but the awkwardness that followed was too great to ignore. Things are going to continue beyond this moment.

Batista said he would come back and do a full program and do it right. House shows, weekly appearances, pay per view, the whole nine yards. He’s maintained that his shelf life is running out and his schedule fills up faster than ever now with his acting roles. It seems like he’s found some time off between filming because this is where his last run will begin.

You can check out the video of Evolution reuniting at SmackDown 1000 below.

Braden Jackson – @Dembrae

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