With that Los Angeles Chargers Win, the AFC is Now Wide Open

The Los Angeles Chargers traveled into Kansas City to play the Kansas City Chiefs, who still currently hold the number one seed in the AFC, and pulled off the upset with a 29-28 victory. What a game it was, the Chargers were down by fourteen points in the fourth quarter but grinded out a big win. That sets up a lot of scenarios of what could happen with the AFC playoff picture.

   Despite throwing for 243 yards with two touchdowns, Pat Mahomes and Kansas City Chiefs could end up playing wild card weekend. The Chargers have been overlooked all season long, in my opinion. The Chargers have been keeping pace with the Chiefs all season long. The Chiefs MVP candidate quarterback, Pat Mahomes, who has been playing outstanding all season long, the Chargers have just been flying under the radar. Obviously, everyone has known their record and where they stand in the playoff picture. Now they have the opportunity from playing wild card weekend to getting the number one seed, and potentially hosting the AFC championship game.

    The New England Patriots are currently the second seed in the AFC. With that win from the Chargers, it really benefited the Patriots. Now in order forthe Patriots to get the one seed, they would need some help. First, the team must win out the rest of their games they have remaining in the season. Then they have to rely on the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers to lose one of their final two regular season games. Kansas City will be traveling to Seattle to take on the Seattle Seahawks next Sunday night, while the Chargers host the Baltimore Ravens next Saturday Night. Two very tough games that could really benefit the Patriots if they do their part. If in fact that happens to go New England’s way, it will yet again, potentially, have another AFC Championship game go through Foxboro.

   The number one seed is such a huge factor in the NFL Playoffs. You get extra week of rest, avoid traveling to another opponent’s stadium, and of course, if you make pass the divisional round, host the conference championship game. The only time you want to travel as a team is when you have reach the biggest game of the year, the Super Bowl. It’s going to quite the finish to the regular season. I do believe Kansas City will untimely end up with the number one seed followed by the Patriots locking up the two seed. Then the LA Chargers will go on the road to take on the Baltimore Ravens on wild card weekend because, my bold prediction, the Ravens end up winning the AFC North.

Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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