Will the NFL get it Right?

As many of us have seen the protests continuing to unfold after the tragic death of George Floyd, more and more people are continuing to make their voices be heard. Last week via social media, Roger Goodell issued a statement from the basement of his home regarding racism being condemned in the NFL.

However, as the NFL begins its process to hopefully reopen once September comes around, many players and teams across the nation are ensuring they address the topic at hand. While some others are joining forces to ensure it really is addressed one way or another.

How are some teams/players addressing it?

Some players are addressing it differently than others. In many instances, players have decided to ensure their voices are heard one way or another. In some other instances, some players have taken the time and invest it in either donating or helping raise awareness.

So even though the NFL openly admitted to its wrong-doings, some others are finding ways to openly address the issue. However, the main question remains. That question being, will the NFL get it right?

What Else Does The NFL Have To Do?

As one would think when doing something wrong, an apology would be enough. In this case though, is it actually enough? Are we capturing the essence of the problem?

CBS News this morning invited New Orleans Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins to get an understanding on his thoughts behind the efforts by commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL to support players fighting for social justice. Malcolm certainly wasn’t shy sharing his opinion during the interview. (Click here to see it)

During the interview with CBS News, Malcolm mentions that there is still one player in the NFL that needs direct addressing in the fight for social justice. So, who might that player be?

NFL protests: 2 years of NFL protests, explained - Vox

If you guessed Colin Kaepernick, you are absolutely correct!

I certainly and 100% agree with Malcolm Jenkins with his opinion. I certainly agree that the NFL is making efforts to address social justice. However, I personally have yet to see a direct apology to Colin for not being opened to understanding the issue and do believe that Colin deserves to come back to NFL. The opportunity that was taken away from him deserves to be given back as he rightfully belongs in the NFL.

In Conclusion…

Roger Goodell and the teams around the NFL should be having an open discussion to lay out an apology to someone who rightfully deserves it. While kneeling during the national anthem might have been controversial in some opinions and in some others a way to peacefully protest, the NFL should’ve taken its time to truly understand what the issue was and should’ve had his back.

In my personal opinion, I think Colin is an undeniable talent and while he is still young and clearly in great shape, he deserves the opportunity he rightfully earned anyway.

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ)

Diego Galvis

Born in Bogota, Colombia and raised in Boston, MA. Boston-Based DJ VP of Operations at Couch Guy Sports.

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