Will The 2K Servers Hold Up For Friday’s Event?

No.  If you haven’t heard the NBA and 2K games are collaborating once again and giving sports fans some kind of relief with a players only NBA2K20 Touranment that will be aired on ESPN at 7 on Friday.  Clearly they didn’t read my blog from September ripping on why 2K is the worst sports game ever, but hey do you!

I’ll be honest, I have absolutely no idea how this thing is going to work.

We have 16 players and all of them are notable NBA names, but how will this work?  Like what system are you playing on?  Do you have to use your team or is it MyPlayer games?  There are just so many questions.  I mean granted it’s a great idea minus the fact that it is 2K.  Frankly I’m not even sure if the servers will hold for this event to happen.  Even when you play offline the game is lagging and clunky but this isn’t the time to rip this franchise, I already buried it.

But let’s look at the bracket for a second.  How the hell is KD the one seed?  Clearly Ronnie 2K saw the biggest name and said he’s the one seed.  KD is going to get the hands by DJJ and the Heat and if we are playing with healthy rosters, the best team here is probably the Clippers.  Which brings me to my next point, the worst possible scenario here is if two players from the same team meet in the final and we see a Clippers-Clippers match up.  That would be such a wreck and so boring to watch Kawhi hold Kawhi to 15 points and then Kawhi hold the other Kawhi to the same thing.  It sounds terrible.

But if this goes successfully then maybe the fans will get back on 2K’s side.  I know a lot of fans ripped them for this game in particular when it first dropped.  They complained how it was unfinished and just an overall bad experience. But if this goes smoothly, I could see people change their opinion on it.

I think the finals will be Mitchell vs. Young.  Like how can you not go with the two 20 year olds when it comes to video games… I’ve also seen Young and Mitchell stream 2K games before and I’m not sure if the rest of them are any good at the game, so I’m going with what I know.  Also how do they not include Gordon Hayward.  That’s like a legit snub for the easy number 1 seed.  The guy is legit a better gamer than basketball player on some nights and probably the only guy who can call himself a gamer.

Notable Snubs

Meyers Leonard
Ben Simmons

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