Will Bryce Harper Win the 2018 Home Run Derby?

The 2018 HR derby is going to be absolutely wild. First off, this will be the youngest group of derby contestants ever, with an average age of 26. Here is the bracket and which players will be competing. Tune in on Monday, July 16th at 8 pm, to see these guys crush some dingers.

HR Derby

Right off the bat, you can eliminate some players. Javier Baes, Max Muncy, and Hoskins have no chance of winning. Then you get to the big sluggers like Schwarber, Bregman, Freeman, Harper, and Aguilar.

The big question is, who will win the derby this year? Most people are putting their money on Bryce Harper. Harper is the popular pick due to the fact that it is taking place in his home park. However, I do not think Harper is going to win the home run derby.

My pick to win this year’s derby is the number one seed, Jesus Aguilar. Most people don’t even know who this guy is and I don’t blame them. Aguilar plays for the Brewers and he is one of the best unknown hitters in the league. He has a pure swing and makes home runs look effortless.

Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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