Why the Sox Don’t Need to Make a Huge Trade

It may shock everyone but the Red Sox do not need to make any huge deals at the trade deadline. There is no question that there is a hole at third base as well as in the bullpen but the answers to those problems might be a lot easier to solve and should not cost anymore highly talented prospects.

Like it or not the Sox will not be able to get rid of Sandoval. He will be in Pawtucket for the next 20 days and that gives the Sox enough time to figure out what to do to solve the problem at third. Who knows maybe Panda goes down to the PawSox, gets his head out of his ass and finally remembers how to play baseball again. One can only hope right?

To solve this problem I would look out to the West Coast and give Billy Beane a call regarding an old friend Jed Lowrie. Lowrie is nothing special but he is still a solid player that can drive the ball to the gaps and play a solid third base. To me this is a solid option and should definitely be looked into. Jed has played here before so it should not be a problem with him adjusting to the high intensity pressure the Boston sports scene can cause.

As for the relief pitching problem that is a little more tricky. I am not sure if it’s a must to trade for a piece as it is so much of Farrell using the right people in the right time. The Red Sox lack an true 8th inning guy but buying one at the deadline. Carson Smith is a name to keep an eye on still but that is a long shot on him coming back fully healthy this season. I think the more likely sceniario is either Doug Fister or E-Rod gets moved into the bullpen once E-Rod comes back from his rehab assignment.

If they do decide to go the trade route, Pat Neshek. The scary part is how highly over priced Dombrowski has paid for pitchers and how it has yet to show it was worth it. I can’t speculate on what it would cost to get him but my god I am sure once again he will over pay for him. This trade deadline is going to be very interesting to see how it plays out.

Written By: Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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