Why the Knicks need Damian Lillard…and why he needs the Knicks!

Let me start by saying this: Damian Lillard would THRIVE with the Knicks in Madison Square Garden. Why did he always say he wanted to stay in Portland? The fans. What can you find in with the New York Knicks? Some of the most passionate fans in the world.

Knicks fans have been living in a pit of despair for far too long. Yes they had an incredible season last year— but it still doesn’t live up to the standard of Knicks basketball.

What the Knicks need is a superstar. Julius Randle is an all-star, and he was a huge part of the Knicks success this past season. However, he is not a superstar.

What the Knicks need is a guy who can get hot at any moment. Someone who can play a shit ton of minutes. Lastly, and most importantly, someone who can put up unbelievable shots in clutch moments.

Damian Lillard is that guy.

Why the Knicks Need Dame

The best point guard the Knicks have had in the past 20 years is probably Stephon Marbury. Yeah…Stephon Marbury. He made some cool ass shoes at a significantly low price, but he was not so much of a superstar. The franchise has been looking for a point guard to fill this need for far too long.

MSG, THE MECCA OF BASKETBALL, and it’s starving for a starting point guard. 

I’ve seen Dame time and time again make the most insane buzzer beaters in the playoffs. Every time it happens, I find myself fantasizing about how loud the Garden would be if the Knicks had that.

A guy who could completely change the way the team plays for the better.

Someone who takes pressure off of Julius and RJ and allows the floor to be more spread out.

A guy who has ice in his veins!

That guy who can tap his finger on his wrist and cause an entire NYC block to be shut down.

They would have “Dame Time” on every Rolex billboard in the tri-state area.

Why Dame Needs the Knicks

The best part about Dame is that he clearly feeds off of the crowd. It makes him better. He loves nailing a 3 from the logo and screaming and celebrating with the crowd as they are going absolutely bonkers.

Secondly, Lillard also takes to Twitter a lot. He loves hearing feedback from the fans. Knicks Twitter is a whole nother level of batshit crazy. There will be 4,000 different Damian Lillard stan accounts from psycopath Knicks fans.

All he needs is for people to boost his ego. That is what the Knicks fans will provide.

I know nothing is set in stone here, but if there’s even a minuscule chance of Dame to NY happening, the Knicks should be willing to give up a LOTTT of draft picks to go and get him. I love RJ Barrett so so so much. He has grown into a phenomenal young player. But if it’s him who has to be included in the trade, I think its 100% worth it.

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-Tom D (@ThomasDiRusso on Twitter)

Feat. image courtesy of @DraftKings on Twitter

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