Why LeBron James And Tom Brady Are The Same Person

Ever get into a sports conversation with your friends and it leads you down weird topics? I had one the other day with my friends and we went down a few rabbit holes. But one topic we got on was one about LeBron James and Tom Brady. We talked about the differences and similarities between the two and it got me wanting to write an article about why I think they have more in common than people realize.

The main argument I was posing is that LeBron James would be loved in Boston if he played here and Tom Brady would be hated if he didn’t play here. When you look at how these two got to be the greatest at their respective sport, they have had very different paths. LeBron came from a poor neighborhood in Ohio with a single parent while Brady is from California with both of his parents together. LeBron was a high school prodigy who was compared to Michael Jordan while Brady was a 6th round draft pick who wasn’t expected to make it in the league. Now here we are in 2018 where LeBron is a 14x All-Star, a 4x MVP, and a 3x champion while Brady is a 14x Pro Bowler, a 3x MVP, and a 5x champion. Both are arguably the greatest of all-time of their respective sport and they also do a lot for the community.

Over their careers, both Brady and LeBron have donated to many charities and are active members in the community. In the videos you see here, both LeBron and Brady are helping people in need. Brady is the face of Best Buddies where they help kids with developmental disabilities. LeBron has given millions of dollars of inner city kids in the hope that they are able to go to college. As you can see, they’ve both done great things on the floor and off the floor. But despite their good acts, the two have attracted their share of negativity as well.

LeBron has drawn a lot of criticism for being a drama queen. He’s had many situations (especially this year) where his teams have had a lot of drama around them. Brady has of course been involved in a few cheating scandals (Spygate and Deflategate) which has damaged his reputation for some people. The two also have a bit of an ego. LeBron of course had the infamous “The Decision” where he announced on live TV he was living his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers. Brady has become brand obsessed with his “TB12” method and also had his “Tom vs Time” documentary.

But here’s my main point, when you look at both Tom Brady and LeBron James; they are both good people. Whenever you get to be as famous as these two are, people want to tear them down. I hate that mindset. These two have had their fair share of issues, they’re both good people and should be considered role models for kids. But because we are from Boston, it’s almost like we have to hate LeBron and we have to love Brady. We of course can root for Brady and boo LeBron, but we shouldn’t try to tear them down just because they play for a different team. That shouldn’t be the case here or anywhere in America. These two have never been arrested and given back millions to their communities. I’ll take that from my superstar any day.

Steven Santoro (SVS_1993) 

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