Why Joe Kelly Should Be On The Playoff Roster

Before everyone jumps down my throat about my very unpopular opinion just hear me out on this. IF used the right way Joe Kelly can be a huge game changer for the Red Sox this series.

Chris Sale has the ball in game 1 tonight at Fenway against the Yankees. Sale’s velocity has been down for the last month, as he’s trying to fight back from a shoulder injury. In his last start he was only hitting low 90’s when he is normally mid to upper 90’s. So personally I’m a little worried about that but I have faith in the big man and think he will come out throwing bullets.

Back to the main point though, Steven Wright is also on the roster along with Kelly, both of who were question marks. SO, having Wright means technically Sale can go 5 innings, take him out put Wright in for 2 innings and then BAM! Let Kelly come in and just pump 98 MPH fastballs down their throats after they have been used to that 82 MPH knuckleball.

Kelly has been brutal for most of this year so I 100% see why most people want to keep him off the playoff roster. They have a very valid point. All I’m saying is IF that’s how you use Kelly I think he can be very effective. Does that mean Cora will use him that way? No, but if it were me I would at least give it a shot. Then again, that’s why Cora is the manager of the best team in baseball and why I’m sitting on my couch typing this article.

Bottom line is Yankees Suck and Sox in 5! I will be there tonight watching Sale embarrass  Judge and Stanton with that dirty slider.  Expect a HUGE series from Xander Bogaerts. I think this series comes down to how well he plays and I think he will show up and deliver similar to the 2013 playoffs. GO SOX!

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95) 

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