Why I Think Ariana Grande Put Out Her Latest Hit

Ariana Grande released her recent hit song not long ago called “Thank you, next” referencing all her past romances. News of her recent romance fell apart late last month with Pete Davidson, a comedian. The couple had been together for not long before they got engaged. The whole world was shocked how quickly he proposed to her. What I believe, was due for her was an explanation of everything. Ariana has had a rough road the last year and a half with a mass murder that killed 22 concert viewers and damaged the lives of countless others in May 2017 when explosions went off at her concert in Manchester, UK. Then with the recent death of former boyfriend Mac Miller, I think she needed a breath of fresh air and start over with her romantic life. She needs to take a break but that’s because everything happened all at once for her. I believe life became overwhelming for her and she needs a clean slate. The fast romance with Davidson, I believe was a part of her coping mechanism of her high emotions from everything that has happened in her young life. She mentions her parents in the song and how they got divorced when she was young, she wants to make sure she gets it right. And to not follow in her parents footsteps, but also thanks them in her song for being catalysts in her life. I applaud her for taking the back burner for a little bit to hopefully focus on her already aspiring music career. Music is a great way to inspire and get off as many emotions as possible. I am sure we will see this in future albums of hers.

Nick Sutherland (@Sudsy8)

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