Why I Made That #ThankYouIT Video

Wow, that was a bit unexpected. For those who know me in real life, than you know how much I love the Celtics and how much Isaiah Thomas means to me. Here’s a picture of me and him back in 2015.

I met Isaiah Thomas during my senior year of college.

He must have been with the team for 2 weeks at the time, but I could tell right away I was going to like him. As someone who is only 5’5″, I could relate to Isaiah.  He’s been doubted his entire life because of his size, like me. Throughout his 2 and a half years here, Thomas was everything and more Celtic fans could have expected. But last year when he played in the playoffs after his sister died, he became a hero. And then, he proceeded to score 53 points in the 2nd round of the playoffs to beat John Wall and the Wizards. By doing that; he became a goddamn legend.

Now we come to today. As all of Celtic Nation is recovering from the trade, some jackass online decided to burn an IT jersey. It went viral and it caught the attention of Thomas’ newest teammate, LeBron James.

So after seeing this and watching some videos online about people talking crap about Boston fans, I decided to make this video. I figured that that Isaiah deserved to hear what REAL Celtics fans actually thought about him. And thanks to YOU GUYS, my video just got 15,000 retweets (and counting)!!!! WOW! I would have never thought that was even possible! Honestly, I would have been happy with 20. But as of right now, it has 15,000!!!! Thank you so much, not just from us here at Couch Guy Sports, but for Isaiah Thomas. Hopefully he sees it because we love him and we need him to know that. If you liked and shared my video, hopefully you continue to read our website here. I write about the Celtics, Red Sox, and movies. We have great daily content and we love sports. Thanks again everyone and #ThankYouIT

Video Created and Written By: Steven Santoro (SVS_1993)

Steven Santoro

I love sports and movies. Be on the lookout for articles about both. I also made a video that got 24,000 Retweets. (The views expressed on this website are mine alone and are not intended in any way to reflect the views of my employer)

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