Why Are MLB Players So Mad?

If you follow a Major League Baseball Player on Twitter you may have seen a tweet like this one:

Players are tweeting out “Tell Us When and Where!” all over. This is coming after Rob Manfred, the commissioner of the MLB said this:

Then 5 days later he said this:

So Rob Manfred went from saying it is 100% to being very nervous about games being played. I think Jared Carrabis says it best in this twitter video:

You also have players like Trevor Bauer having twitter threads like this one:

My Thought On All Of This

So after reading what players have been saying and what the owners have offered I have a lot of thoughts. If you have been reading my articles and listening to The Legends Lingo Podcast (if not give it a listen) you have seen that I am very optimistic about there being a baseball season in 2020. Today that is not so much the case.

With how both the league and players have been handling this I am now scared there might not be a baseball season. I have always been on the players side and I will always stick by their side.

They deserve all the money they can get. Think about it, how long do most Major League careers last? Maybe 5-6 years if that? Yes you see the better players last over 10 years but most do not last that long. So they need to get their money when they can. How long can the owners be making money? My guess is the rest of their lives. They do not have a short career where they can make money. As long as they own a team or business they can make money.

How The Side Can Come To An Agreement

I love Jared’s point about deferred money. You have a lot of players having some of the money at the end of the contract being paid out over many years after. Everyone knows about Bobby Bonilla Day where the Mets pay him over $1 mill every 7/1 until 2035. If the owners want they can pay every player who makes over a certain amount in 2020 over the next 5 years. I feel like players would not mind that at all. They are still getting what they signed for. Baseball is a guaranteed contract. So players should get their money.

Now it looks like players are just waiting to be told where and when they have to report. They are tired of going back and forth and just want to play. What I feel is happening is that the owners are trying to delay the season until they only have time for 50 or so games. Once that happens they will just said “okay let’s play”. That is not fair to players and they should get in as many games as possible.

At the end of the day I just want to see baseball being played. I hope it is as many games as they can get in. I will be watching it no matter what. If you do not agree with me I want to hear it!

-Tom “Powder” Cadmus (@powder42308)

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