Who’s the Problem in Philadelphia?

If you haven’t been paying attention, the Philadelphia 76ers are currently the most underperformed team in the NBA.  Before the season started they were a favorite to get out of the East, but now they are a sad sad sad 6 seed and they are falling by the day.

But the question is, who is the real problem to this teams struggles?  A lot of people are going to point at Brett Brown and say “he’s a bad coach, he shouldn’t be there”  Well I do agree with you that Brown isn’t the best coach, but he’s not terrible and at the end of the day he’s stuck with the offense he has to run because of Simmons’ lack of shooting.

The problem is Joel Embiid.  Not Ben Simmons or the roll players, its Embiid.  I think the 76ers have to move on from him and center around Simmons as their guy.  This whole dynamic duo hasn’t made it past the second round and Embiid has looked horrible when he doesn’t get the ball.  Embiid refuses to play defense and looks like a fat lazy sack out there.  I like Embiid, he’s a hell of a player but 100% he is the problem in the lockerroom that Horford is talking about.

He’s also probably frustrated how restricted the offense is with Simmons on the court.  I mean with him being on there, Embiid turns into a certified stretch 4 which is not his position.  Me personally if I was the GM I would try to move Simmons, because Embiid is a talent the league hasn’t seen since Shaq.  Simmons lack of shots does disrupt the offense and it almost takes Embiid out of the picture.  But if they trade Embiid, they can get more for him.  They could get a shooter and another big who can be a rim protector.  And the team is playing better with Simmons than Embiid.

It’s tough because you don’t want to really trade either of them, but this thing clearly isn’t working.  I think come next year if the Sixers get bounced in the first round then we will definitely see Brown gone as coach and then either Simmons or Embiid…or both.

John (Uncle_Mac4)

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