Who’s the Favorite to Win the NBA’s 2020 Championship?

2020 has not gone as anyone had expected. A pandemic was certainly not on the agenda. But as a result of coronavirus, the NBA had to take a little siesta during the final stretch of their season. It was easy to understand why it had to happen, but  it was hard not to be disappointed. Either way, that is in the past. The NBA is now ready to get back into action, in what I am calling the “Bubble Tourney”.

Some players are still concerned about the risks of going into the bubble in Orlando, but the NBA is going to try and get back no matter what.

It is understandable as to why some players don’t want to come back. There are the injury concerns. Then you have the chance of contracting COVID-19. At the same time, some think that returning to basketball would take away from the Black Lives Matter movement.

But, like Adam Silver said, the NBA’s job is to play basketball: they are going to do that. With that being the case, one team is going to end 2020 with the Larry O’Brien Trophy in their grasps. The question now becomes what team will that be.

Sports Betting Dime has done all of the gamblers out there a favor by tracking the championship odds for all 30 of the NBA teams throughout this season. And according to them, the current favorites to win the Bubble Tourney are the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers odds currently sit at +200, while the Bucks have their odds slightly lower at +245. There are other teams in heavy contention (mainly the Los Angeles Clippers at +300), but if I had to pick a horse in this race I’d have to go with LeBron James and company.

James has been there and done that so many times with a supporting cast much worse than what he currently has. Anthony Davis, Danny Green, Kyle Kuzma, and Markieff Morris are all guys that are more than able to contribute on the court. I mean seriously, James may have never played with a player as good as Anthony Davis.

In addition, there will be no home-court advantage for anyone. A team that that really hurts has to be the aforementioned Bucks. Milwaukee had a 28-3 record at home, but a 25-9 record away from the Fiserv Forum.

Not a huge difference, but it will definitely make an impact down in Orlando. Especially considering the fact that Milwaukee scored almost six more points a game at home compared to on the road.

Either way, basketball appears to be back, and it will be exciting to see what team eventually comes out on top in this never before seen tournament.

-Jarrod Ribaudo (@Jribs53)

Featured image courtesy of Twitter / @ThunderCounty

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