Who’s Our Top 5 Favorite Guests in LLP History?

Doing a podcast takes a lot of work. When Powder and I first started this whole thing, we didn’t think we’d get to where we are right now. We’ve been through a lot in our two years of doing this now. Almost 100 episodes later, we’ve found a home with Couch Guy Sports, added a tremendous third co-host in Fiesta, and even earned a partnership. Episode 100 is being recorded next week and it got me thinking about something. We’ve had guests from all over the country, but which ones have been the best? Each of the cohosts put together a list of their top five favorite guests and here’s the end result.

Honorable Mention:

Al: Jared Carrabis

This is so incredibly tough to leave Jared off the list. He was one of our firs guests all the way in episode eight. As a fellow Saugus guy, the hometown connection here was a cool aspect of the interview. It’s one of the rare moments where you’ll ever hear Jared talk about anything other than baseball. But he did it! He talked football, his upbringing, and much more. If you missed that interview, go check it out.

Powder: Rob Bradford

A solid guy, Rob Bradford was just on the outside looking in for Powder. He’s a Red Sox guy. He genuinely enjoyed talking with us. We also enjoyed our time with Rob Bradford on multiple occasions.

Fiesta: Bob Socci

Bob was a trooper. As the Patriots play by play announcer, Bob Socci was gracious with his time. We recorded a whole episode that we lost and he still gave me a whole other time to interview him. Plus, when we did the Manscaped ad read, he had NO idea what was happening. I felt horrible after that. But nonetheless, Bob gave us great stories and an insight that not a lot of other people can get.


Al: Dallas Braden

Dallas came into Legends Lingo like he’s been with us forever. He’s authentically funny, passionate, and doesn’t mind giving you a hard time. Dallas came in ready to roll and the energy was there from the first second. You will never find another interview like Dallas Braden. Trust me, go listen to the interview.

Powder: Stephen Knezevich

A kid vlogging and making it big? That’s Stephen Knezevich for you rolling into Powder’s #5 slot. Stephen is a California kid who has over 30,000 subscribers on Youtube. He’s a college baseball player who vlogs weekly. He was in Arkansas. Now, he’s back in California looking for a new school. That was our most listened to interview and we are grateful that we got to listen to the Stephen Knezevich experience.

Fiesta: Pete Blackburn

Pete Blackburn was an unexpected, but fun guest for us. He came in and showed us why he’s one of the brightest young hockey minds in the market. Plus, he’s exceptionally funny and tells it like it is all the time. Hopefully, Pete will be a guy that makes another appearance in the near future.


Al: Rob Bradford

Rob Bradford of WEEI comes in at number four. Rob is a reoccurring guest and he’s a genuinely terrific guy. The Red So knowledge he possesses is truly amazing. He’s flexible with his timing. He even offered for us to go on his podcast at some point. Rob is a top candidate for a guest on a podcast if you ever need one.

Powder: Steve Perrault

Steve Perrault of Section 10 podcast was a fire interview. He didn’t mind acting the exact same way as he does on Section 10. The guy even allowed us to do the section 10 intro in our show. Plus, he was on for an hour and a half with us when he didn’t have to, AND talked with us after recording. Steve’s a solid get if you love authentic Boston sports takes.

Fiesta: Marc Bertrand

We were fortunate to have Marc Bertrand of 98.5 the Sports Hub on with us. He’s another one that gave us a full hour. We literally talked 2001 Patriots for almost an hour with the Beetle. He didn’t disappoint, especially with his college stories.


Al: Jerry Thornton

Jerry was hilarious in his time with us. From his perfectly timed humor to talking about when the Patriots stunk, Jerry knows how to draw attention to a listener. His Patriots knowledge is unreal and he is just so funny. Be on the lookout for Jerry on with us very soon.

Powder: Jerry Thornton

Powder and I agreed on everything with Jerry here. No need to repeat it because Jerry Thornton is just a one man wrecking crew.

Fiesta: Rob Bradford

Fiesta’s reasons were the same with mine at four for Rob. Great overall knowledge, gave us an invite to his podcast at some point, and just a great overall guy.


Al: Steve Perrault

This was one of my favorite interviews. Steve chatted it up about all sports with us. Again, he was on with us for an hour and a half. He always makes sure to say hi to us now at live shows or Winter Weekends. We appreciate Steve and hope he’ll make an appearance with us very soon.

Powder: Jared Carrabis

Jared was Powder’s number two. It makes sense as Powder is a baseball guy through and through. Jared gave us a considerable amount of time and we’re hoping for a “Rocket” reunion soon.

Fiesta: Dallas Braden

Dallas Braden was number two for a reason. His knowledge of baseball is astronomical, as it should as a former MLB pitcher. Plus, he knows how to thrive in a podcast environment. He was made to be put in front of a microphone.


Al: Marc Bertrand

This was my favorite interview. Beetle was so authentic and he was a big advocate for us on the Manscaped ad read. He’s a super nice guy and literally told us to reach out to him anytime. That’s an interview I am never going to forget as long as I live.

Powder: Dallas Braden

This number one pick makes perfect sense for Powder. Baseball guy talking to another big baseball guy. He fit right in with us and knew how to keep things light. Dallas may or may not have told Powder he’ll come back on soon. So stay tuned for that!

Fiesta: Jerry Thornton

This was a great pick by Fiesta here. Jerry Thornton’s combination of Patriots knowledge and humor could not be beat. Jerry is another guy that has stayed in touch with us and wants to come back on soon. Could we see Jerry in the very near future? Stay tuned for that one as well.

In Conclusion

This podcast has had some big guests on with us. Who did we miss out on? Feel free to let us know. Here’s a link to all of our podcast episodes on Soundcloud if you want to go back in and listen yourself.

We’re recording episode 99 this week and episode 100 next week. Here’s to 100 more!

Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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