Who Would Represent Each Team in a New Backyard Baseball?: NL Central

Last Thursday, I opened up a new series on who would represent each team in a new version of Backyard Baseball. The beloved franchise has been out of production for many years. I figured it was a time for an update. Last week, I started with the National League East. Today, we move west bound and stop in the National League Central.

Chicago Cubs – Kris Bryant

When you think of the Cubs, you think of Kris Bryant. The face of the Cubs franchise is in his last season before free agency, but he is off to an amazing start. He would offer a big bat in the middle of your lineup while offering positional flexibility. Just imagine a Kris Bryant and Pablo Sanchez left side of your infield. That is one to dream about.

Cincinnati Reds – Joey Votto

Similarly to Freddie Freeman, I have to go with the career Red and face of the franchise, Joey Votto. He offers 3 top 3 MVP finishes with one at the top of the list. Backyard Baseball players are prone to dropping the ball, but Votto has the gold glove to back up almost a near perfect fielding stat. You can feel confident throwing the ball across the diamond to Mr. Votto.

Milwaukee Brewers – Christian Yelich

This one is easy. Christian Yelich is by far the best player on the Brewers and deserves to represent the squad in Backyard Baseball. Yelich is a prime 40-40 candidate and would be an easy choice in Backyard Baseball. HE would have near maxed out stats in hitting and running, and good stats in fielding as well. He would be one of the best all around players in the game.

Pittsburgh Pirates – Ke’Bryan Hayes

Ke’Bryan Hayes is one of the top up and coming players in all of baseball. On a roster that is devoid of talent, Hayes stands alone as someone who is actually good at baseball. Not only is Hayes an excellent fielder, but he possess a lot of pop in his bat. He finds the gaps with ease while playing an excellent third base.

St. Louis Cardinals – Yadier Molina

Here we go again with another one team for their career player. Yadier Molina would join JT Realmuto as the only catchers (so far). Molina obviously features an excellent glove and an excellent arm. His fielding stat would certainly be maxed out. However, you may want to keep the setting on line drive instead of power and make sure you got Gretchen Hasselhoff in the outfield before you try and take the extra base.

Final Thoughts

Well there you have it; your representatives from the National League Central. Next week we will take a look at the National League West where there are plenty of fun names to choose from! The National League West would be able to put together quite the squad.

-Pete Chatterton (@Pchat12)

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