Who Wants To Be A Celtics Point Guard?………………………..Anyone?

With summer time upon us, who doesn’t want to watch some reality TV. Some may like Big Brother or the Bachelor/Bachelorette but for sports fans and maybe more importantly basketball fans, the true reality show begins on Sunday night. For the Boston Celtics, this has already been one of the bumpiest offseasons. Kyrie, Big Al, Baynes, maybe Rozier all gone or potentially out, but who could be coming to Boston? First position to look at is point guard. Uncle Drew called for curtains on Boston and Terry Rozier may have talked himself out of town. The next names on the PG list would be Kemba (Not happening) and D’Angelo Russell. D-Lo is the sexy name on Free agent lists, but he’s a restricted free agent with the Brooklyn Nets.


With Kyrie looking at the Nets, news has come out that the Nets don’t want JUST Irving. Potentially the Nets may not sign the former Celtics Point guard and re-sign Russell to a long term deal and build around him going the 76er’s route. For Celtics fans that would mean the next names on the list. Goran Dragic who played 36 games with Miami and Ricky Rubio who has averaged 11 points in his eight years in the NBA. As Celtics fans we have become accustomed to talks of fireworks and getting nothing. Maybe it’s time to look at the youth and their draft class. Carsen Edwards, who averaged about 24 ppg with Purdue would be an interesting pick for starting point guard for the 2019-20 season. Obviously, the Celtics would be walking into the land of the unknown but with a rookie point guard money would be low. This would be important because Jaylen Brown is a free agent after next year, so you could re-sign someone who you’re “building around” long term.  There are other positions to look at and more importantly more interesting names, money could be directed at, and I’ll talk about those later this week.



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