Who Sits In Postseason For Fister?

Doug Fister is the team’s fourth starter for the playoffs…he’s fisted his way into it. However, NO YANKEES FANS, it wasn’t an ear piece. It was a mouth guard.

I know terrible joke. BUT I’M NOT SORRY!

This guy has been phenomenal as of late for the Sox. In the last month, he only has 8 ER in 30 innings pitched. He has a 3-1 record to go along with his 1.50 ERA. YEAH…SUB 2 PEOPLE! Anyone who wants do doubt Fister, just don’t.

He is the only one on this staff with playoff wins by the way.

Now, the big question is who does he replace? Rick Porcello, Eduardo Rodriguez? I’m leaning towards Pretty Ricky myself. Now, there is a case for ERod too. He’s been over a 4 ERA in the month of August and couldn’t even pitch into the seventh inning which Rick Porcello did do once. But I don’t care about that so let’s move on.

Rick Porcello loses because he’s righty, and he simply gives up too many long balls. He gave up seventeen homers last month where ERod only gave up five in the month of August. That’s awful!

Just Imagine, middle of the game in October (cause let’s be real it wouldn’t be late) and Porcello trying to get out of a jam, then this:

And remember him last year in the postseason? I Don’t blame you if you answered no. It wasn’t pretty at all.

I personally love Scott Van Pelt’s description as Porcello takes the mound.

Face it, Ricky hasn’t been himself this season and if he’s back to “Porcellblow” I’ll take ERod all day.

Written by: Jared Scali (@Jared_Scali)

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