Who Should The Celtics Be Looking To Acquire In A Splash Trade?

The All-star break is about to come into fruition and the Boston Celtics sit at 19-17. Boston currently sits in the four spot in the Eastern Conference…behind the powerhouses of Philly (yes, THAT Philly!), Brooklyn, and Milwaukee. It’s no secret that the Celtics need to make a splash at the deadline if they want to take a jump to the next level. But who can they realistically get as the deadline comes near? Let’s look at some options!

Jerami Grant

This is a very logical choice for the Celtics to do. Jerami Grant is having a career high season, averaging 23 points a game. The best part? He has two more years on his contract! His salary is a little high. But you take the chance on him and swap him for some of that you talent that you’ve accumulated throughout the years.

Nikola Vucevic

Nikola Vucevic is another name that has been thrown around in Celtics trade rumors. Vucevic is a two time All-star in Orlando and is averaging nearly 25 points a game. He’s a shooter that the Celtics could desperately use. The problem? He might cost a ton in a trade. We’re talking about multiple picks and players for this guy! He’d help, but the end cost intrigues me.

Bradley Beal

This is more valuable of a quote than you might originally think. Beal and Tatum are really close and Beal is in a TERRIBLE situation in Washington. He’s finally an All-star and knows how to This is a pipe dream in my opinion. But honestly…gets you thinking, doesn’t it? Tatum, Brown, And Beal?! WOW!

In Conclusion

The Celtics need to make a splash, plain and simple. It can be one of the guys listed above. It could be a surprise move none of us expect. But Danny Ainge, PLEASE make something happen! Make JT and JB happy for the future and give the fans something to look forward to once the postseason begins. You need to make an upgrade somewhere. Time’s ticking, Danny!

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)


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