Who Is The Best Team In The NFL?

We are about halfway through the NFL season and the elite teams are really starting to come to the top.  While some others are really starting to suck (ie the Pats).  So, this brings me to the question of, who is the best team in the league?

5. Arizona Cardinals

I love what Kingsbury has done with Murray and the trade this offseason for Hopkins has paid off so much.  I know Kingsbury is an offensive genius but you don’t realize how good he is until his teams get moving.  Murray has honestly looked like an MVP candidate.  Now I know they would never give it to him, but his play so far this season has been incredible.  Besides the offense playing great, the defense has also been playing pretty solid.  I know Cardinal teams in the past haven’t had much of a defense but this is a solid and complete team to compete for a title this year.

4. Baltimore Ravens

I have them at four right now because I haven’t seem anything so far that has blown me away.  I think the same with Seattle and I am actually keeping Seattle off my list.  But as for the Ravens, I don’t think Lamar has looked that good.  I think Lamar is a great player but he needs to stop thinking about running all the time.  His loss last year to the Titans was because he couldn’t throw the ball and this year (or at least every game I have seen him play) he is looking to run outside the pocket.  Now I don’t know if that has more to do with the offensive line being bad or Lamar just wanting to scramble.  However, the Ravens do have a great defense, as always.  This alone will keep them in the top 5 all year but their season’s outcome will be how Lamar plays.

3. KC Chiefs

The Chiefs have looked awesome.  They can easily win this whole thing again and it just helps so much when you have the best player in the league.  I have them at three though because I personally think their are two better teams in the league right now.  But this is only the halfway top-5.  I think the Chiefs will go back-to-back and win the Super Bowl this year but it all depends on how teams like Tennessee, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and even Buffalo want to play later in the year.  But among those teams, I favor the Chiefs to win it.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers

I know I just said I love the Chiefs but you can’t not have the only undefeated team not in the top 3.  But also, Pitt and Big Ben have been playing great and not to mention they have some weapons and the defense is great.  Chase Claypool is a star!  Notre Dame bred and NFL stud!  But can Pitt win with an old Big Ben?  I think with his veteran and winning experience he can lead this group of guys to another Super Bowl win.  Will it be easy to beat the Chiefs?  No, it won’t be and even if they do I think they will have a hard time against the Packers, Saints, Seahawks, Bucs, or even Arizona.

1. Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers has been playing like the MVP.  Aaron Jones, Davante Adams, Jamal Williams, and the rest of that offense has been rolling.  But it’s their defense that will slow them down.  Right now their offense is just better than anyone else in football and Rodgers has been playing as good as anyone.  Despite his age and the offseason drama, this team hasn’t missed a beat, and as much as I hate him sometimes he is so good.  I honestly think we will see GB in the Super Bowl against KC, and Aaron Rodgers as the MVP.

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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