Who has the most to prove in tonight’s Celtics-Clippers?

The Celtics continue their five game West road trip tonight by taking on the Clippers.  Paul George and Kawhi Leonard are finally going to be on the floor tonight for the first time all season, and no better match up to debut against than the league’s best team, the Celtics.

Now both teams have a lot to prove tonight.  Both of these teams are two favorites to win the championship, and tonight should be a really good game.  This is the first time all season that the league best Celtics will be facing some All-NBA talent.  Personally, I think the Clippers have more to prove tonight than the Celtics do.

The Clippers have always and will always be little brother in LA.  There is nothing they can do about that even if they win a championship.  Second, the Clippers have been babying Kawhi like his dog died or something and talking out of their ass and supporting this stupid load management thing.  I like Kawhi as a player, but he is equally as a weird dude as Kyrie Irving.  Anyway, I’m curious as to how PG and Kawhi gel in their season debut together.  PG is really really good, but knowing he’s playing the number two player could get under his skin.  From a basketball standpoint, PG and his shoulders have looked great since surgery and he is tearing up the league.  Now Kawhi has been “hurt” and going against Tatum and Brown tonight could put that “injury” to the test.

As for the Celtics, I don’t think they have much to lose tonight if they do fall to the Clippers.  They have the league’s best record, but for some reason people love to hate on the Celtics.  Critics wrote them off game one against Philly and look at how bad Philly has been since that game, and how great the Celtics have been.  If the Celtics leave this trip 4-1, which I think they will, then us fans might be getting those 2008 vibes back.  This team is really good, I just hope Brad and the guys can gel and put this thing together and give us our long awaited championship.

p.s. Doc Rivers is one of the most overrated coaches in NBA history.  Guy has had All-NBA talent around him at every step of the way.  Celtics by 10.  107-97.

John McCormack (Uncle_Mac4)

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