Kumar Rocker…A Red Sox Fan’s Dream?

The Boston Red Sox are a dumpster fire during this 2020 season. That’s putting it lightly too. As it stands, the Red Sox are 6-16 with the second worst record in the MLB, only in front of the Pittsburgh Pirates. A lot of fans are considering the tanking approach with this Red Sox team. If that’s the case, the prize for the number one overall pick seems to be Vanderbilt pitcher Kumar Rocker. For a lot of you, you might be pondering who this guy is? Well, here’s a little look at who in the world Kumar Rocker is and why Red Sox fans should be paying attention.

His Durability and Dominance

Take a look at this game against Duke in the Super Regional. 131 pitches. So you know he has the arm strength to go deep into ballgames. 19 strikeouts. That’s pretty dominant if I do say so myself. The thing is, this could be a foreshadowing of things to come.

Being Part of a Championship Program

Vanderbilt has one of the best college programs in the country. Kumar won a College World Series with the Commodores in 2019 and also won the Most Outstanding Player Award during that same season. This kid knows what it takes to win. Imagine him being in a Red Sox uniform in a big situation? He’s going to be nails! Being a part of one of the best programs in the country and then going to the Red Sox? That’s not a terrible situation.

In Conclusion

If you want analytics, then this isn’t the article for you. If you want just straight filth, take a look at this video.

He was unbelievable in the NCAA Tournament and you can see the stuff he has in MLB caliber talent. If the Red Sox can be bad enough where Kumar Rocker can end up in the organization, that’s a nice consolation prize to say the least.

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)


Feat. Image courtesy of usatoday.com

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