Who Can Fill the Celtics Open Roster Spot?

Now that the Kyrie Irving trade has become official (finally), the Celtics have an open roster spot to fill. We’re creeping towards the regular season, but there are still some decent names available who could be worth paying attention to. Keep in mind the Celtics can only sign players to the veteran’s minimum.


Andrew Bogut, C

Andrew Bogut played for the Dallas Mavericks last season before being traded to Philidelphia in exchange for Nerlens Noel. The 76ers bought him out shortly after. He was then signed by the Cavs, but not even a minute into his first appearance as a Cavalier, he suffered a season ending leg injury.

Bogut is now 32, and his best days are definitely behind him. However, he could still serve a purpose for the Celtics. He is a 7-footer who has always been a solid rebounder and rim protector, something the Celtics still need some help with. Bogut also brings a different type of fiery edge/mentality that a younger team like the Celtics could benefit from having.


Thomas Robinson, PF/C

While we were waiting for that roster spot to actually open up following the Kyrie trade, the Celtics decided to work out Thomas Robinson. Robinson has been a journeyman over the last couple seasons, playing most recently with the Lakers.

Like Bogut, adding Robinson to this team would be beneficial. He isn’t a fantastic rebounder but just adding another big body to a group of relatively smaller guys would be a good thing for sure. And knowing Brad Stevens, I’m sure he could get the best out of a player like Robinson, who has been serviceable over his career, but never able to find a real home.


Bring Tony Allen back to where it all started for him. Allen was a part of both Celtics teams to make NBA Finals appearances in ’08 and ’10. In his prime, he was easily a top 3 defender amongst shooting guards in the league. Kobe Bryant even called him the toughest defender he’s ever gone up against.

So why add another guard to the mix? The loss of Avery Bradley is going to show a ton this year. The Celtics have a defensive minded guard in Marcus Smart, but he is nowhere up to par with AB. Tony Allen isn’t up with Bradley right now either, but adding another great defensive minded guard like him would be smart. Having Allen would also take some pressure off of Jaylen Brown, who will most likely be thrown into the starting 2 spot in the lineup.

Anyone that I missed? Let me know in the comment section.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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