Which Bennett Brother Is Better

Every once in a while the world presents us a question.

A complex question that time itself finds too twisting and perplexing to work out despite its perpetuity.

Reality itself bends and warps to find the truth to these questions that no natural being can comprehend.

However, we all must grapple with these to even feign understanding existence itself.

With that intro, I bring forth one of these unknowable questions.

Which Bennett brother is better – Martellus or Michael?

The Case Michael Bennett

Michael Bennett was a defensive end (mostly) Tampa and Seattle over the course of 11 NFL seasons.

Over that time, Michael won a super bowl and made 3 Pro Bowls.

He was a successful player, who stood up for racial injustice and players rights.

He was never one to mince words, and tended to be well liked in a locker room.

Michael only had double digit sacks once (ten), and that was in 2015, the first of his 3 Pro Bowls in a row.

He had a role, though, to be a defensive leader and versatile defensive lineman.

He played hard and in his position.

The numbers say he was a highly competent defensive end.

He retired in July 2020, so just recently started his retirement.

The Case for Martellus Bennett

Martellus Bennett played tight end for Dallas, NYG, Chicago, Green Bay, and New England for a total of 10 seasons.

The younger of the two Bennetts’ made 1 Pro Bowl and won 1 super bowl ring.

Another vocal player who seemed to make locker rooms more fun, he was well liked by his peers.

He also beat to the rhythm of his own drum.

During his best season, Martellus nearly reached 1,000 yards and 10 receptions. He was a very solid, if unspectacular, tight end.

Someone who seemed to make the right plays, he was a safety net for his QB’s and solid blocker for his backs.

Essentially, a good professional for your team.

What About Besides Football?

On the field, one would probably say Michael was better.

He was a very good player for the Super Bowl team he played for in Seattle, and Martellus was only a good role player for his Super Bowl Patriots squad.

Michael also leads in Pro Bowls.

However, Martellus retired earlier (both in age and actual years on the timeline of reality we have created for our mortal plane) and has done a lot since he retired.

We are asking who IS better, not who WAS better.

Martellus created a whole company which has cartoons and other creative things in it. He wrote a book, as well, and has more coming. He also is Cool on twitter.

So, as of now, Martellus is better while Michael catches up during his off the field, retirement, activities.

This is because the Imagination Agency is Cooler than the Shield. Writing kids books is objectively Cooler than being a good NFL player.

I don’t make the rules, this just is.

We just are, and Martellus is just better than Michael (for now).

-Brent Buckley (@bigbucksbuckley on Twitter)

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