Where will Antonio Brown Play Next Season?

It has been a roller coaster of events between the Pittsburg Steelers and star Wide-Receiver Antonio Brown. With the way everything has looked, from missing the final game of the season, which was one of the biggest games of the season, then, a report came out that a former Steeler player said that the drama between the Steelers and Brown has been going on for years. It was noted that coach Mike Tomlin just put up with Brown’s tactics because of what he was able to do on the field. However, now it looks like this is the end of the Antonio Brown era as a Steeler. The question is now, where will Brown end up next season?

Over the last month, the favorites to land Antonio Brown is the San Francisco 49ers. Hall-of- Famer Wide-Receiver Jerry Rice claimed that Brown wants to play for the 49ers “really bad.” However, Antonio Brown’s Instagram post says it all. He posted a photo of himself in a 49ers jersey hugging Jerry Rice with a quote by Rice. The former 49er is encouraging the team to go out and get Brown. He will be a real nice addition to the up and rising Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who will be ready by the start of the 2019 season. This could be the next big duo in the NFL and it could be something real special.

I can only see Antonio Brown getting traded to the 49ers. I can’t see him playing for any other team right now. He has expressed a lot of interest in playing in the Bay area and honestly, would be the best fit for the star Wide-Receiver. The 49ers need a big-time receiver and will really go good alongside surprising Tight End Greg Kittle. Jimmy Garoppolo can use a guy like Brown. He’s one the fastest and quickest players in the league. He can make ridiculous plays and bail quarterbacks out. Also, with an offensive mind in Head Coach Kyle Shanahan, Antonio Brown would fit in just perfectly. Even though this situation has been a soup opera, maybe this is the best situation for both sides.

Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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