Where Is Franchy?

As many of you know, Andrew Benintendi was traded in the offseason for several players. One of the main players was a young outfielder named Franchy Cordero. I wrote an article about the trade once it went down and broke it down player by player! So, that’s not going to do that again here. Quick summary, Cordero is Wily Mo Pena 2.0. I am not on board with the trade in the slightest, and up till this point, it’s been a complete miss.

How Is He Doing This Spring

How is he doing so far in camp? Great question! He didn’t show up till 3 days ago. Yup, while the Sox have played 12 games already, Franchy wasn’t even in camp. Now, he was reportedly battling Covid, and we all know what that has done in the past year, so glad to hear he is feeling well enough to report to camp and in relatively good health. Covid is no joke, and understand this is out of his control. It happens! Hundred of thousands of people across the U.S. have gotten it. Luckily for Cordero, he reportedly didn’t have any symptoms and, from all reports, was asymptomatic. That being said, his M.O. has always been an inability to stay healthy. Cordero is 26 and has been in the big leagues for 4 years, and has yet to play more than 50 games in a season. In fact, over those four years, he has a combined 95 games played. Not an ideal start to his Sox tenure.

Opening Day Readiness

Franchy this week said he is hoping to be ready for opening day, but the man writing the lineup card sounded a lot less optimistic when talking on the subject today. In an interview, Cora said, “There is always a chance…but we have to be very careful with how much we push him.” That doesn’t really sound like an abode of confidence that the centerpiece to the Benintendi trade will be in the Opening Day lineup. 


This is not a great start to his tenure here. With about 20 days left till Opening Day, it sounds like the Sox are still treating Cordero with kiddie gloves on. To me, that is a HUGE red flag. The man is 26 years old and is reportedly supposed to be in unbelievable shape. That is all well and good, except that all the Red Sox actions speak to a completely different narrative. They are treating the 26-year-old like a 36-year old that is at the end of his career. I understand it is very early into his time here, but I am not liking how this is trending. If this is going to be how they treat him with every injury/health issue, Bloom screwed the pooch on this trade. No question about it! I hope and pray I am wrong, and Cordero is healthy for 95% of the season and hits moon shots onto the mass pike. However, my gut is telling me the complete opposite is about to happen. 

~Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95). 

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