When will Pastrnak and Kase be Ready?

Bruins head coach Bruce Cassidy said that he hoped to have a full squad for Thursday’s practice. That wasn’t the case as David Pastrnak and Ondrej Kase were absent, once again, from morning skate. The pair have been missing in action since July 16th as Pasta’s media availability was revoked suddenly.

Their absence since has opened the flood gates of rumors circulating throughout the internet. Some people insist the players had a positive test while others are sure that the team is punishing them. I think it’s possible that the team is punishing them for being seen walking around Boston, in masks, a couple of weeks ago. Best guess is that the two forwards need two more negative tests in order for them to be able to fly to Toronto with the team this weekend. 

I think it was irresponsible of Pasta and Kase to be two of the last two players to arrive back to the United States following the league-wide pause. However, I also understand that it might have been difficult for them to leave their families again. The pros and cons of returning to play or opting out probably weighed on their minds heavily. They could have also run into trouble when finding flights back to the US. Many countries are limiting their access to Americans due to the pandemic. Kase wasn’t with the team long enough to find his real groove. But not having Pastrnak on the team when it comes time for the start of the round-robin games would be a big loss for the Bruins.

-Jess Donahue (@jldx392)


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