What To Do With Dustin Pedroia

I know the Red Sox nation world is fully converted to the Bruins and Pats now, and rightfully so, but did we all forget about Dustin Pedroia? The Red Sox second baseman has played in only 9 games over the last 2 season, thanks Manny Machado, and is a relative after thought after the last two seasons. The current focus point of the Red Sox offseason is Mookie Betts and pulling off a miracle of somehow getting under the MLB Luxury cap. Which leads me to my next thought, what should the Red Sox do with Dustin Pedroia?

Earlier this offseason Peddy went on record saying that he has every intention of playing next year, my gut reaction? Meh. Listen, I love Peddy the energy he plays with is the way any young baseball player should try and play. He plays the game the right way and leaves everything on the field game after game. He does it the right way, a true professional. On the flip side tho, that $13 million would look really nice coming off the books. Right? Wrong. The bottom line is whether he plays or not, he get’s that $13 million dollars.

What the Red Sox should hope to do, is get him back as healthy as possible and let him play. If you’re going to pay him the money you might as well get whatever you can out of him. There’s also the avenue of exploring a trade but thats simply a no go. I’m not about to trade Pedroia for a bucket of baseball’s. He gave the Red Sox a “home town” discount back in 2013 to stay in Boston, so I’m not about to just kick him to the curb.

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95) 

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