What Kind Of Candy Are The Championship Sunday Teams?

Happy fun Friday! At this point, I should rename Friday’s food Friday since once again, were taking another look at a different group of food. This time, we are going to be looking at a group of food everyone loves. Candy. Ah yes, the one food group that is heavily celebrated in October leading up to Halloween. However, based off of the previous fun (food) Friday articles, we have to continue the trend. We all know there’s so many kinds of candy out there. But, which four candies relate to the last four teams in the NFL? Let’s jump into this and find out.

Buffalo Bills (Reese’s)

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It’s not just the egg. It’s everything Reese’s. However, when it comes to the Reese’s products, the egg is the best. The Bills are smooth just like the peanut butter. Smooth peanut butter is the best, and the Bills are one of the best. Biting into one of these bad boys brings great joy. The Bills bring great joy. You can never go wrong with anything Reese’s. Football fans can never go wrong with watching Buffalo do their thing on the football field. Reese’s comes in all shapes and sizes but has the same delicious chocolate and peanut butter flavor. The Bills have players that are all different from one another but will always have the same result. A victory!

Kansas City Chiefs (Candy Corn)

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Gross. Disgusting. Trash. Thats the Chiefs organization described in three words (and their fans). Their fans enjoy ganging up on everyone online when someone says something that’s true about their team but in a negative fashion. The theme this week is everyone saying that the Chiefs are foolish for having Mahomes be a full participant in practice just three days after entering concussion protocol. Newsflash, it’s highly unlikely that Mahomes can be in that good of shape to be practicing like he has. The Chiefs should be ashamed that their putting a championship first, and a players health second. Speaking of health, this candy is not good for your health or taste buds. It’s just wax. Nothing is good about candy corn and there is nothing good about how Kansas City is handling this situation. Both the Chiefs and candy corn are hated by everyone.

Tampa Bay Bucs (Circus Peanuts)

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Alright, before you think I’m just going to attack Tampa hear me out on this. Their team is like a circus. You have AB with his crazy past, you have Leonard Fournette who created unnecessary drama in Jacksonville, and then there’s the ring leader, not Brady but Bruce. Yes, Bruce Arians has caused quite a bit of drama this year whenever he criticized Tom Brady this year. Each time he did it, it was unnecessary. Just like eating this candy. It’s uncalled for. There a candy that will forever be left on the shelf at the grocery store. Brady also is a peanut in the Tampa Bay circus. Even though he’s happy, he made headlines himself for the wrong reasons. Just like how if anyone actually eats this candy, it’s for no good reason at all.

Green Bay Packers (Snickers)

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A classic candy bar for a classic team. Plus, Snickers make everything better. Commercial’s don’t lie. The Packers are a lot like a snickers bar. They’re better in the cold, and they just put a smile on everyone’s face. Aaron Rodgers is easily the MVP this season, and snickers is a very valuable candy. Plus the peanuts and caramel that are inside the candy bar add extra flavor. The Packers are full of flavor. They got Rodgers, Adams, Jones, Tonyan, and the Smith’s on the defensive side of the ball. Seriously, this team is very good just like Snickers.

Final Thoughts

So how’d I do? I know every fun Friday I mention food. With no game being played next weekend, we get a break from food, however, expect a giant food article for the Super Bowl. But for now, let me know what you think of these candy comparisons!

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-Matt Burnett (@mattthew_jordan on Twitter) 

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