What I’ve Seen In 24 Years

First things first, happy birthday to me! Yes, today I turn 24 years old. Some sports fans would call me lucky. Why? It’s because of all the championships I’ve seen in 24 years. Being a (3/4) Boston sports fans is truly a blessing. Some people go their entire lives without seeing one, or less than five. Me on the otherhand, I’ve seen 11 (technically 12), which is insane. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and go over what I’ve seen in my 24 years of life!



The 2011 Boston Bruins: Where Are They Now? | Black N Gold Hockey

The 2010-2011 season for the Boston Bruins was a fun one for the team and fans. Even though I’m not a Bruins fan (go Sharks!), technically I did see a Boston team win a championship. These were the good days, right Bruins fans? Seeing Zdeno Chara finally get his hands on the Stanley Cup was an iconic moment. Hockey fans all around the world could appreciate seeing Chara finally being on top of the hockey world. You also had to be happy for Tim Thomas, who was the MVP. However, this is it for the Bruins. Just one championship. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if they get anoner one real soon.


The 2007-08 Boston Celtics might not have invented the superteam, but they  perfected it

It pains me that this is the only championship the Celtics have won. Back in 2008, the big three was formed and they instantly delivered. Even though Ray Allen left Boston to go ring chase in Miami, he did leave his mark with the Celtics organization. Loyalty means a lot in Boston, and that’s why Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce will forever be fan favorites in Boston. As for the season itself, they were a dominant force to reckon with. They simply just paved their own path all the way to end, with the final roadblock being Kobe Bryant (rest in peace) and the Los Angeles Lakers. It was a matchup made in heaven. When it looked like the Lakers had a chance, the big three took over. Finally, Pierce had his hands on the trophy (and the MVP trophy too). Hopefully, the 2020 Celtics can bring home another one.

Red Sox



Trophy Life | Improper Bostonian

Finally, a Boston team that has won multiple championships. The Red Sox have won the World Series four times in my life. In 2004, for the first time in 86 years won the World Series ending the curse of the Bambino. Sadly I was too young for this one and for the 2007 world series but the 2013 stands out the most to me. In 2013, the Red Sox were playing with heavy hearts behind the Boston Strong movement from the Boston Marathon Bombings. By far, the 2013 team is was the most resilient. The Red Sox weren’t even supposed to be in the World Series to begin with. What also stood out to me were the playoff beards. All of them were legendary. The last time I saw the Red Sox win the World Series was back in 2018 when they were by a clear mile the best team in baseball. Hopefully with Alex Cora back, the Red Sox return to their winning ways.


Robert Kraft puts Super Bowl LI ring up for auction for "All in Challenge"




I saved the best for last. All six Super Bowl championships were lead by the GOAT himself Tom Brady. I’m forever thankful for what he did for the Patriots and wish he stayed. Obviously, the 28-3 comeback is the greatest comeback in NFL history. The way Brady (and the defense once the comeback was on) poised himself is something I’ll never forget. The fact that I’ve seen six Super Bowls is insane. Adam Vinatieri winning it against the greatest show on turf, Malcom Butler intercepting Russell Wilson in the endzone, and the 28-3 comeback are my favorite Super Bowl moments for the New England Patriots. Hopefully next year, they get back on track.

-Matt Burnett (@mattthew_jordan on Twitter) 


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