What Are The Patriots Doing?

Sunday afternoon’s loss to the 49ers was one of the more embarrassing losses I have experienced as a sports fan.  I have been plenty frustrated at losses but the way the Pats played Sunday takes the cake.  Right now the Pats sit at 2-4 and in third place in the AFC East.  But the way the offense has been they should be 0-6.  Cam Newton has looked as bad as he has when his tenure in Carolina was to an end.

I don’t think people realize this but Cam can’t throw the ball.  I was quick to say this when they signed him, but he looked great in those first two games and then he started being the Cam Newton people know him by as of recent.  If you watched Sunday’s game, Cam couldn’t throw the ball like an NFL starting QB should.  He was throwing wide open receivers balls either into the ground or 5 feet over their head and behind them.  Currently, Newton has a 67% completion rate which averages out to about 21 passes per game.  Which would mean he completes 14 of those passes.  I’m sorry but that is not starting QB worthy!

Now I know people are super quick to jump on McDaniels for the play calling but look what he’s got.  He has a QB who can’t throw the ball.  Also let’s not forget to mention that Stidham also hasn’t done great but he hasn’t had the reps to really get a good look at either.  But let’s not forget that Cam was cut in Carolina.  His last 3 years there he completed on 53, 59, 68% of his passes to which 2/3 of those seasons were losing records.

I like Cam.  I think he has a cool story and I would love to see him make a comeback.  But he just can’t throw the ball and in the NFL you need to be able to do that.  Plain and simple!  But as for the plan that big BB has for us, who knows.  I have heard things like “tank for Trevor” and I really hope not.  I think he’s overrated and would much rather have a Mac Jones or Justin Fields at QB for the Pats.  I have also heard that they might just say screw a QB and go with some legit help and build around Stidham.  I don’t think we need to have a superstar at QB, but we do need someone who can throw the ball and win some games.

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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